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Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Serving Houston, TX

An uncontested (flat fee) divorce occurs when: (a) there are no disagreements between you and your spouse over any financial or divorce-related issues (i.e., child custody and support, division of marital property or spousal support); and (b) your spouse either agrees to the divorce, or fails to appear in the divorce action.

You may sue for divorce thinking that the proceeding will be uncontested, but discover later that your spouse has decided to contest ("fight") the case. If this occurs, you may wish to consult an attorney, or you may proceed on your own without an attorney. In either situation, this packet should not be used. Many of the forms in the packet apply only to cases where your spouse either (1) consents to a divorce; or (2) where your spouse does not appear to oppose the divorce.

Even if you have no kids, no real estate, and no retirement accounts, the legal process requires not only that a couple drafts the correct documents, but that they follow the correct procedures.

Let our office assist you by guiding you through this process at minimal cost. It's worth knowing that your divorce is being done correctly and will be approved by the court.

In addition, if vehicles were purchased during the marriage, we will make sure that title-transfer is done properly.

My spouse and I don't hate each other. Why do we have to spend all that money on attorneys?

You don't!

Yeah, well, when I call attorneys, as soon as they find out I have kids and a house, they want a big retainer & refuse to quote me a price.

A flat fee is not possible in every case! However, our office specializes in creative solutions to common problems. You don't have to "get in a war" just because you own a house!

If a couple can agree to use only one attorney, we will represent one of you and then draft all of the necessary documents needed to finalize the divorce.  This is what we refer to as an "uncontested divorce."  We have a special way of handling this kind of divorce which allows your spouse (the "unrepresented spouse") to remain secure that we are not trying to do "anything tricky."  We ask your spouse to sign a Waiver of Service which we customize so that we are not able to enter the divorce without the signature of BOTH parties.  He or she maintains the right to hire an attorney at any time.

(NOTE:  if you have been presented with a Waiver of Service which was not prepared by our firm, you should NOT sign it without having it reviewed by an attorney.  (Please feel free to call us to provide this service.)  

If you sign a waiver commonly used by some other law firms, a Default Judgment could be taken against you!

Whether or not you have children, "Friendlier is Cheaper!"  We have the knowledge, experience and conflict resolution skills to come up with creative solutions.  We handle everything from simple property settlements to more complicated ones involving such issues as 401-K's, stock options, bonuses, ESOPS, multiple real properties, oil and gas rights, etc.  And, "yes," we can absolutely do this on an uncontested basis!

If you have kids, it is particularly important, for their sake, to maintain the best relationship possible.

Having a 401-k Plan, pension, or IRA's shouldn't torpedo your uncontested divorce.

Call us at 281-550-6650 today to arrange for a free consultation to see if a flat fee divorce will work best for your circumstances.

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